"This is very Mennonite of me, but Miriam Toews and di brandt have both influenced my writing—and my life—significantly. Besides teaching me about the power of image and motif, about concision and cadence and voice, they were some of the first to teach me that I wasn’t alone in thinking my Mennonite-girl thoughts, and that important, beautiful stories can come from places like small-town southern Manitoba."

49th Shelf

"In Sarah Ens’ debut, The World Is Mostly Sky (April), identity and community converge in poems for a modern generation."

The New Quarterly

"I want to learn, through my reading and experimenting with the long poem form, how to look longer and more precisely."

University of Saskatchewan, MFA in Writing News

"Being a writer is a roller-coaster ride, a life of highs and lows, successes and disappointments. For Sarah Ens, a second-year student in the MFA in Writing, this year has been an ongoing ‘high.'"

University of Saskatchewan, MFA in Writing News

"Typewritten haiku
A unique way to support
MFA students"

The New Quarterly

"There is something powerful in talking about what makes you feel ashamed. It flips the shame into something shared, something manageable."

Turnstone Poetry Youtube Channel

"Floriculture" from Sarah Ens' debut collection, The World Is Mostly Sky.


The Canadian Mennonite

"Sarah Ens’s writing career started at the age of six with a story suspiciously similar to the children’s book, Julie and the Wolves. But since those early days, she has grown into an award-winning poet."

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